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Dr. Markey W. Pierré is a dynamic, passionate and engaging speaker whose life is sure to inspire and motivate you. 

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"In all that you have done, were you able to help someone in the process....did you make a difference?"

- Dr. Markey W. Pierré

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"Considered one of Louisiana's most inspiring advocacy leaders, Dr. Markey Pierre's triumphant life stroy is about defying seemingly insurmountable beginnings as a child left to be raised by her grandparents. As told in her memoir, WIN from the Beginning, her motivation to become a woman of resilience, determination and vision inspires all other women to WIN and learn from their obstacles and restore positive thinking..."

- Dr. Janet Pope, Executive Director

Louisiana School Board Association

"I have the highest regard for Dr. Pierré, not only for what she has overcome, but also for the sincerity of her message. She has a unique ability to capture her audiences with an amazing positive energy and to share her story while providing people with hope.​​​​​​​"

- Senator Gerald Boudreaux,

Louisiana State Senate