As an inspirational national speaker, Dr. Markey Pierré presents to diverse groups from CEOs and political figures to college graduates, women’s groups and faith-based groups. She speaks about her fundamentals for success, inclusive leadership, diversity, resiliency and how her faith empowered her to overcome tragedy to achieve victories.

Resiliency: Conquering Challenges to Achieve Success

As a successful business owner and executive, Dr. Markey Pierré speaks to Fortune 500 companies about the principles of success, drawn from her life experiences. Born into a broken home and raised by her grandparents in the small rural community of Princeton, Louisiana, Markey learned hard lessons about overcoming adversity and surviving tremendous loss at an early age.  Markey lost her husband to cancer but vowed to carry on his legacy of good works and commitment by living a life that would honor his memory. As a young widow, she faced the challenges of raising her daughter alone while establishing her professional career.  Dr. Pierré mapped out a life plan that would allow her to complete graduate school while simultaneously building a professional career that would earn her numerous honors.

Dr. Pierré received the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Business Woman of the Year Award from the Shreveport-Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce and was named one of the Top Business Women in Shreveport-Bossier by SB Magazine. Her two decades of community service earned her the prestigious Virginia K. Shehee Most Influential Woman Award. As a capstone to a life of serving others, Dr. Pierré is proud to be the first African American woman to chair the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, and the first African American woman to chair the Independence Bowl in Shreveport. Markey speaks about how she overcame adversity to achieve success. ​​​​​​​


Inclusive Leadership: Gaining New Perspectives ​​​​​​​

In both business and politics, inclusive leadership is fundamental to good policies that benefit the most people. New, diverse voices offer fresh perspectives and new ideas that enliven discourse and inform leadership. Dr. Pierré speaks to Fortune 500 companies, political, professional and nonprofit organizations about the importance of diversity and inclusive leadership.

As a business and political leader for more than two decades, Dr. Pierré practices what she preaches. Dr. Markey Pierré’s groundbreaking work has led to substantive progress in the areas of public education, higher education, construction, health care, maritime law, and municipal government. Pierré builds partnerships across different ideologies, sometimes bridging deep divides to drive good public policies that benefit everyone. Dr. Pierré’s philosophy of inclusive leadership resulted in pioneering legislation that has had far-reaching positive consequences for generations to come.

Dr. Markey’s life story is a tale of rags to riches. Overcoming adversity at a young age, Markey’s faith empowered her to triumph over tragedy to achieve victories. Her life story begins in her grandparents’ humble but loving home, where she learned at her Grandma’s knee the meaning of faith, commitment and character.  These values would carry her through life’s tribulations.  At 24 years of age, Markey lost the love of her life to cancer. Left alone to raise her daughter, Markey's faith never waivered and she didn’t despair, instead she prospered. Through the hard times, she leaned on her faith to face whatever life had to throw at her.  

As a woman of faith, Dr. Pierré speaks about commitment to both your personal and professional success. Entrepreneurs, faith-based groups, and leaders will learn to plan for success. Dr. Pierré is a board certified life coach, whose life is a testament that “Commitment is the Anchor for Success.”

Lean on Faith ​​​​​​​

Funding K-12 Education

As an advocate for good public policy and meaningful change,  Dr. Markey Pierré’s groundbreaking work has led to substantive progress in K-12 and higher education. Her advocacy on K-12 education in the Louisiana State Legislature led to the implementation of Jump Start. The high school technical career diploma program allows hundreds of thousands of students to pursue lucrative careers after high school. Jump Start, dual enrollment,  and other key K-12 initiatives are funded through the Louisiana Supplemental Course Allocation and Career Development Fund (CDF), created by legislation that Dr. Pierré helped to push through the Louisiana State Legislature. Her pioneering work in funding public education led her to collaborate on a book, entitled Funding Public Schools in the United States and Indian Country. This book is a must read for any educator, political leader and parent. Hear Markey speak on innovative new ways to fund K-12 and higher education.


"Dr. (Markey) Pierré's speeches and presentations promote forward thinking and a positive mindset that can result in victory and triumph despite the challenges that may come someone's way whether it deals with you personally or in your career. As a dynamic speaker, everyone who listens to her speak, walks away with a "Golden Nugget" that was meant for them personally - people matter, and when we support others around us we all win from the beginning."

- Dr. Janet Pope, Executive Director

Louisiana School Board Association