Dr. Markey W. Pierré collaborated on two books to inspire and encourage others. She wrote about how she survived devastating loss and her principles of success in a collaboration book, entitled WIN From The Beginning.

Dr. Pierré also shared her best practices for supporting K-12 education in a collaboration book, Funding Public Schools in the United States and Indian Country.


Commitment, Resiliency, and Faith - these principles can transform your personal and professional life.

​​​​​​​From rags to riches, Markey shares her secrets that will help you to triumph over adversity in WIN From The Beginning.

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"I just finished reading the book, and I am still in tears. It really made me look at myself... It was uplifiting and encouraging. I just could't put it down!"

-Shirley Washington

Funding Public Schools in the United States and Indian Country is a must read for any educator, political leader and parent. Learn innovative new ways to fund K-12 education from thought leaders who have championed public school funding.

Dr. Pierré shares her work on K-12 education in the Louisiana State Legislature, which led to the implementation of Jump Start.  The high school technical career diploma program allowed hundreds of thousands of students to pursue lucrative careers after high school. Jump Start, dual enrollment, and other key K-12 initiatives are funded through the Louisiana Supplemental Course Allocation and Career Development Fund (CDF), created by legislation that Dr. Pierré helped to push through the Louisiana State Legislature.